Cognitive Dissonance

by Awake The Secrets

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I hope these thoughts are creations of my mind
These promises better be fucking illusions

It can't be real, the shit you threw me
At least be coherent and admit what you did

You did this for real
Now pay the consequences

You left me in the mud leaking from your heart
careless of the lies you shove in my ear
Out of my head

Worms devouring me from the inside
They feel the sour taste of your remembrance in me
Your taste of shit

Enjoy your last days

You better watch your back
Expect to be left alone

The agony sliding under your forlorn skin
Pushing your eyes from the inside out

Finally your body will reject everything you keep inside
Turning you into pieces of ashes and fluids

When will i get the pieces of my heart back?
I regret all the spikes i swallowed for you
Sticking to my heart and turning it to shards

When will you give me my life back?

I felt like the puppet hanging from barbed wire
I'm not your fucking toy
Now you feel how i felt then
Hanging and bleeding from the ceiling of life

What comes around goes around
Desolation is the price of greed
Crave stillness how much you want
Your future is fading away


released April 22, 2017



all rights reserved


Awake The Secrets Cividale Del Friuli, Italy

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